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Professor Ian Bennett has been leader in the field of Surgeon-performed ultrasound and has been using office ultrasound and intra-operative ultrasound for more than 17 years.

Professor Bennett has his own office ultrasound equipment to aid in the further diagnostic workup of both breast and thyroid lesions, and he performs fine needle aspiration biopsies and core biopsies under ultrasound guidance when indicated.

This provides and additional convenience for patients offering a one-stop shop approach and often avoiding the need for the patient to be referred back to the Radiological Service to have these interventions performed.

Professor Bennett has been a leader in the utilisation of vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) devices to surgically excise breast lesions such as fibroadenomas or papillomas.  This procedure called vacuum-assisted excision (VAE) can be performed under local anaesthesia and represents as form of minimal invasive surgery for the breast as lesions can be removed via a 3mm incision.  Professor Bennett has written a review paper on this form of intervention.

Professor Bennett is presently on the Advisory Accreditation Board of ASUM (Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine) which assess and accredits applicants for the awarding of the Certificate of Clinical Performed Ultrasound (CCPU).

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