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The majority of breast symptoms including pain, lumpiness and nipple discharge are caused by benign breast disease processes.

In young women the most common cause of breast lumps is either a hormonal-induced area of glandular thickening or a fibroadenoma which is smooth mobile lump often referred to a breast mouse. In slightly older women in their 30’s and 40’s most lumps are caused by a condition universally referred to as fibrocystic change.

This seems to be the end result of the effect of years of hormonal action on the breast tissue which produces a number of proliferative changes of most of the elements of the breast parenchyma. 

Fibrocystic change can also often be associated with significant breast pain or mastalgia and Prof Bennett has extensive experience in the management of mastalgia.

Nipple discharge is often caused by benign papillomas or another benign entity referred to as duct ectasia, and is only caused by malignancy in a small percentage of cases.  Persistent solitary duct nipple discharge may require surgical intervention in the form of an operation described as a microdochectomy, but in the majority of instances nipple discharge can be managed conservatively.  

Prof Bennett has extensive experience in the management of all forms of benign breast disease.

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