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Professor Bennett has many years of experience in the medical field with a special interest of breast and endocrine surgery. 


  • M.B.,B.S. (Queensland) 1978
  • FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasia College of Surgeons) 1987
  • FACS (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) 1999
  • CCPU 2010 ASUM (Breast & Endocrine)


After completing his FRACS surgical degree in 1987, he worked overseas in London at the Sir Hedley Atkins Breast Unit at Guy’s Hospital London which at the time was one of the leading world centres advocating breast conserving treatment for early breast cancer, superseding the traditional approach of mastectomy.  Professor Bennett published several research papers from his time at Guys’ Hospital.

On his return from London, he took up a position as Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for 3 years before being appointed as a VMO Surgeon at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Professor Bennett is currently the Chairman of the Breast and Endocrine Surgery Unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Holding the title of Professor in Surgery for the University of Queensland, Professor Bennett is very well respected in the field, is involved in teaching medical students and trainee surgeons, has received numerous research grants in order to further advance the knowledge of the medical field and had numerous papers and abstracts of papers published.

Ian Bennett holds the title of Professor in Surgery for the University of Queensland

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